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e-FLORA-sys is a free web application intended for ecologists and agronomists studying permanent grasslands. E-Flora-sys  : - give ecological and agronomical characteristics of grassland species (western Europe flora), - alows to record, view and edit floristic releves, and to manage set of releves - and calculate indexes in order to production an ecological and agronomical interpretation e-FLORA-sys was created by the french laboratoire Agronomie et Environnement Nancy-Colmar (University of Lorraine – INRA)

At 04 Mar 2015 : 22269 genera, species and sub-species and 6914 relevés in the database

Contact : Sylvain PLANTUREUX et Bernard AMIAUD

EGF congress in the Netherlands in june 2015
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EGF congress in Wales in september 2014
The next European Grassland Congress will be held in Aberystwyth (Wales) from 7 to 11 september 2014 www.egf2014.org
EGF congress in Iceland in june 2013
The role of grasslands in a green future: threats and perspectives in less favoured areas. 17th EGF symposium 23-26 june 2013, Akureyri, Iceland see more http://www.egf2013.is/
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EGF congress 2012
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